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Strona Filharmonia wymaga aby była włączona. Sprawdź tutaj jak się to robi.

ul. Ołowianka 1, 80-751 Gdańsk

tel. +48 58 323 83 58,

Equipment rental

a restaurant

The restaurant “Filharmonia" is a special place – one does not need convince about it anyone who has ever seen that place. Wonderful, neo-Gothic, red brick facade dates from the late nineteenth century. The building, built between years 1897-1898 and extended to the year 1913 was initially the seat of municipal power plant. It was pleasing eyes with decorated rosettes, turrets and even the two towers. The last 1945 months of war proved to be the ruthless and the building suffered severe damage. Re-launched in August 1945, the plant operated until its closure in 1996. In 1997 the building became the property of the Baltic Philharmonic, and was subsequently adapted to serve as a music and congress center. The opening of th more »

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